About Me

I’m a PhD student at the Computer Science Department at the Technion, advised by Prof.Roy Fridman.

I am primarily interested in streaming algorithms for networks and databases.

Previously, I completed my BSc in Computer Engineering at the Technion. Between 2012-2016 I worked at Mellanox (Nvidia now) center in Yokneam, developing Ethernet drivers for a high-speed network adapter. From June-September 2018, I interned at Yahoo!, researching scalable systems, and during the summer of 2022, I was a research intern at Conell-Tech, New York.



  • Jan 23′:  I have been awarded the Eric and Wendy Schmidt Postdoctoral Award for Women in Mathematical and Computing Sciences
  • Nov 22′: “Together is Better: Heavy Hitters Quantile Estimation” has been accepted to ACM SIGMOD 2023.
  • July 22′: I will spend the summer at Cornell-Tech, New York City as a research intern.
  • May 22′: “Box Queries over Multidimensional Streams” has been accepted to the Information Systems Journal.
  • March 22′: I won first place in Feder Family Award (a national student research contest).